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Updated: May 1

The Board of Corner Inlet College are delighted to announce that the school’s planning permit has now been officially approved by the Planning Minister. After a lengthy search for the right site, the team had supportive pre-application meetings with Council’s senior planners in 2022. The picturesque site overlooking Corner Inlet was surveyed. The Board then liaised with the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) throughout this year. Founder and Board Chair, Jen Young explains, “The process has been thorough, objective, and professional. It was a lengthy process because a high standard of compliance was expected from us”. Unlike government and faith-based schools, independent schools are grassroots. They are run by volunteers who undertake the financing, growth forecasting and master planning themselves. Independent school students now make up more than 30% of Victoria’s student population. It was identified through a 2019 government review that the independent school sector was experiencing growth restrictions due to the planning process. The department found lengthy resourcing, referral and administrative delays by councils, and appeals to VCAT by third parties on “minor issues” were holding up progress. To reduce costly delays, the permit process was reformed, and a dedicated planning team was established within the DTP. The Board says they are fortunate to work with the extensive local knowledge and experience of I.S. Architecture. Together, a team of expert consultants were engaged to compile the planning application. This included archaeologists, an acoustic physicist, landscape and sustainability designer, bushfire management expert, transport and traffic management, and others; to create a purposeful school site; and one that meets all planning criteria. The community has shown a lot of support and encouragement. “Families stop us in the street and they’re excited. Lots of teachers are eager to be involved. I think most people can appreciate how important and overdue this project is and they understand what it takes to get a new school off the ground. It’s a uniquely beautiful learning environment, offering opportunities not found in towns and cities”. The journey continues, and 2024 has a full agenda. A family information event will be held early in the new year. Interested families are invited to keep up-to-date by joining the mailing found by visiting Families are also encouraged to contact the school at any time with queries via Now that the school has moved from a dream to a reality, Ms Young said, “we have an important strategic role to play in line with South Gippsland’s growing population and big infrastructure developments on the horizon for this region. We’re excited to bring Corner Inlet College to life, to start working closely with our families and students, and build a positive future”.

Photo: Board members and Directors celebrate their recent planning permit approval on the new school site. L-R Rebecca Matthews, Amanda Mohamad, Luke Rooker, Jen Young, Jan Bull, and Abby Pettitt. Jacqueline Southwell (absent).

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