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Positive Progress

South Gippsland is set to celebrate a significant milestone with the introduction of our region’s first independent secondary school. Our new educational centre is bringing a multitude of benefits to our community, ranging from educational advancements to economic growth. Let’s take a look at some of the positive impacts Corner Inlet College will bring to this region we call home.

Educational Advantages

Progressive Learning Approaches: The College will provide an additional 90 student placements and offer evidence-based educational methodologies. This diversity in teaching approaches caters to varied learning preferences and needs, ensuring a more inclusive educational environment.

Low Student-to-Staff Ratios: With low student-to-staff ratios, the college will ensure personalised, student-centered learning that aligns with individual interests and goals.

Exceptional Programs: The College will offer a progressive, evidence-based learning program that meets the academic and vocational needs of all students, supported by a board with extensive expertise in areas such as academic excellence, outdoor education, and wellbeing.


Community and Economic Benefits

Attracting and Retaining Families: By providing a high-quality education option locally, the College will retain students within our local rural community who would otherwise travel for their education. Families who might otherwise move elsewhere for their children's education now have greater choice to remain in our region. This retention bolsters the community and keeps our local economy thriving.

Job Creation: The College will create 12 full-time equivalent job opportunities, attracting teachers, support staff, and other professionals to the area. This influx of skilled individuals will further enhance our local economy and community vibrancy.

Economic Boost from Construction: The building of the college itself will generate economic benefits through construction jobs and related services, including maintenance, and administrative roles.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Community Building: The development of new infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities will foster a sense of community. These facilities will serve as hubs for educational and social activities, strengthening communal ties. The college’s integration with the local community will enhance learning and foster a sense of belonging for all involved.

Environmental Consciousness: Positioned amidst farmlands with picturesque views of Wilsons Promontory, the college’s unique location will integrate the natural environment into the curriculum, promoting environmental awareness and respect for Indigenous lands and waters.

Key Facts

Economic Impact: The College is expected to significantly boost the local economy through various channels.

Environmental Sensitivity: The construction and operation of the school will adhere to environmentally sensitive practices.

Approval Status: The College has received all planning approvals for development.

The establishment of Corner Inlet College will increase educational choices for local families, attract new residents, and support the local economy. With many new energy projects currently proposed for our region, we play an important role in preparing to meet future demand. Our innovative learning program, low student-to-staff ratios, and integration with the natural environment will provide a holistic educational experience, preparing students to become conscientious and well-rounded individuals.  

Ronnie DeGraaf of R K Haulage delivering local quarry rock for our new crossover

Chris Hasson of South Gippsland Rural Fencing installing our new gates

Electrician Jayden O’Sullivan of JohnoElec offered advice and extensive local knowledge

Brody and Hugh from Prom Coast Plumbing volunteering their time and machinery to install the concrete end walls and crossover.

Traralgon Concrete Products craning end walls and culverts in preparation for install

Thank you to South Gippsland Shire Tree Team for our delivery of mulch from a fallen tree on Fullers Road

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